Farewell to Site Services

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Peterson’s Observations, Musings and General Sage Advice
Offered to His Faithful Companions
Upon being “Downsized” by Borden
(My Farewell Speech Delivered to the Site Services Team on August 4, 2000)

Some of this will be general, and written to every person on the team; some will be personal and tailored to the individual. (Note: the personal stuff will not be shared on this page.) Share all or as little as you wish, and take everything as it is intended, namely in caring and true concern for your well-being.

I had one of the best teams that ever existed in the history of the Research Centre, and I’m going back beyond most everyone’s time. Of course this is my own opinion, but I think most people who know us as a group, will agree. I think I’ve come up with the reason that this team excelled, and I want to share this with you (please humor an old fart and his ramblings).

Surround yourself with young people who are so enthusiastic that they don’t have time to realize that what they are doing is impossible, mix in a couple of “Old Poops” who are wise enough to temper that enthusiasm so that no one goes over the edge, but who also realize that in order to succeed, sometimes you have to try the impossible.

Consider all of these people your good friends; get involved in one disaster after another with them, consider even the bad experiences as an opportunity to learn and grow, keep no secrets and be gentle with all. Recognize each person's strengths and weaknesses and know that one person will cover the other when those weaknesses show up.

Know that the true person is what’s within and not necessarily what’s painted on the outside, pick people that share in those basic beliefs. Believe in your people; they will sense it and perform accordingly.

Finally, consider yourself a leader, but don’t be afraid to turn around once in a while to be sure someone is following; remember where you came from, how you got where you are, and how quickly all can be lost.

All of this led to the best-damned collection of misfits the Borden Company has ever seen. They may break up the team into its individual parts, but I know that that kindred spirit that we developed here will forever link us. Even if we never see each other again, that unique bond we all share will become at least a small part of our successes in the future.

For that short, but highly satisfying and successful time, I give my heartfelt and humble thanks to my own “Dirty Half Dozen plus one”: Dave B---------, Bob B----, John K----, Ron C------, Stan K-----, Devon W------- and Angie M-----. (Last names witheld to protect the guilty).

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